Come, Enjoy, Kick-back and Relax … Our Home Is Your Home While You Stay With Us!

  Many people have asked us about our house and why we made it this way (we built about 60% ourselves) , so we will give you a brief description.  This is a Scandinavian-scribed log home, which is the most complex of all log homes to build. There are examples of these log homes that are several hundred years old in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries.  The bottom of each log is cut (scribed) to fit into the log below it.  The corners are saddle-notched to fit into each other, and as you can imagine, this is the most difficult and time-consuming part of the build.  Unlike the more common 4-corner scribed log homes, Hemlock Point is actually a 12-cornered home, which gives it all those lovely corner outcroppings.  If you look at the top logs in the Great Room, you will see they are 44 ft. logs (weigh about 4,000 lbs. each) that are notched and grooved in 15 different places to accept different trusses, etc.  This type of building is becoming a lost art as the log builders who know how to make them are an aging breed.  Our logs come from the Ottawa Valley, which is renown for their tall pines and proper harvesting techniques.  The trusses and perlins (connect trusses) in the timber-framed Great Room ceiling are all put together with dove-tailed joinery – no nails or screws.  There is over 2 miles of tongue-and-grove pine boards throughout the house, and even the flooring is distressed white pine.  You are surrounded by wood … in all it’s beauty … for you to enjoy!
 Picture of Timber Framing in Cathedral
Picture of Kitchen